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Easy 3D model creation using fonts

Imagine you have a 2D company logo and need to generate a 3D version of it. Rather than modelling it in 3D Studio Maxor another external 3D application you can use the extrude3D() command to generate the logo from a font!

The command is even more powerful than this, however. Imagine what you can do with a font such as WingDings.

This is essentially a font created from small images (clip art style). These shapes all extrude well as 3D models and used in the right way might (efficiently) enhance a 3D world. In addition, they’re small, you don’t need to model them, extrusions are created on the fly and there is no download time. And remember - you're not limited to existing fonts - anybody can create one!

Consider the following example, created by the use of WingDings:

You can download the source file here. Here we use the text creation API covered in 3D text creation:

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