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3D text creation and control

First of all, you can create 3D text with 3D cast members (the only difference between “Text” cast-members and “3D Text” cast members is a property change. 3D text is just a mode of displaying a normal text cast member in 3D.

3D text is quite easy to create in Director by simply using the interface:

Unfortunately, once they are in 3D text cast member lose much of their original functionality, such as editability, antialiasing, etc. In addition, they will not be part of a 3D world as such - therefore you have little control over them.

Another way to work is to use extrude3D() in Lingo. This creates a model resource based on a text cast member and inserts that into a Director 3D world/cast member. You can download the source file here.

For this example we use a custom handler to create the 3D text:

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