Hi! I'm Richard. I'm an award winning, BAFTA nominated creative coder based in Leeds. Intrigued...?

This site's not kept up to date, but you can see more recent work on the Reflex Arc website

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Amorphous OrchestraI'm a three times BAFTA nominated creative coder based in Leeds.

About this site: Below you'll see apps, experiences and experiments I've developed and collaborated on...

Who I work with...

I've worked on a range of projects for clients such as BBC, Channel 4, Co-op, Mencap, The Beatles and more...

I also work directly with clients such as David Hockney Studio, Salts Mill...

Please get in touch to check my availability.


Amorphous OrchestraI make web apps, games, tools and digital installations.

I build Unity, JavaScript/HTML5, iOS (Objective-C) and OpenFrameworks (C++ / OpenGL) applications



Tel: 07%^$%%$£%*(*^881%^$?%$%^()*(*^ 575318%^$%@~@{()*(*^

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There's lots of high profile agency work that I can't show you here sadly. Feel free to ask about it!

See latest at Reflex Arc

Reflex Arc

I founded Reflex Arc in 2011. You'll see the most up-to-date examples of my work/collaborations at the company website, including BAFTA nominated and TIGA winning work from 2015.



Boris is a TIGA award winning educational game you play by gesturing sign language. It supports Makaton, with Signalong and more languages to come soon...

You can see the Intro, Health, Workplace and Cleaning levels in action.

Souls as Software Objects

Souls as Software Objects This installation / performance with FMC used EEGs (brain scanning technology) and face tracking to generate visuals and sounds via audience member's brain activity.

A recording of the complete installation can be viewed on YouTube.

Frozen Music Vice Feature

Frozen Music The Frozen Music Collective is a new music and multimedia collective exploring the symbiosis of the human brain and technology.

Read this Vice magazine review of a recent installation.

TIGA Award 2014 Finalist

Tiga Awards 2014 Our audio game was shortlisted for 'Best Game Design' at the TIGA Awards 2014. The game uses exercises to help visually impaired children practise moving around, and has "Temple Run", Ski-ing and Driving sections.

Want to know more?

Ways of Seeing (Light Night 2014)

Light Night 2014 An interactive projection mapped installation for Leeds College of Art, which plays with how we connect and interact with the hidden histories of the college's inhabitants and their creations through the architecture of the Vernon St site.

Frozen Music - Recon Festival

Frozen Music "If Architecture is frozen music, imagine what would happen in a thaw" – Matt Dixon

Audio/visual experiments with Amorphous Orchestra, a neurologist and international musicians, using brain scanning technology to allow participants to 'melt' Leeds gallery by the power of thought! [Photos]

VR Cycling Safety Simulation

Oculus Rift Bike Sim This is a virtual reality prototype built for Oculus Rift, using a combination of sensors and a standard bike on training equipment.

It's designed to promote safety awareness and hazard perception on city streets, including indicating and the ability to steer...

Guide Dogs Association award

Audio game prototype With partners Hassell Inclusion and Gamelab I was honoured to be nominated (by the charity) as "Partner of the Year" for work on a prototype game, which encourages children with sight loss to practise their skills in getting around. Amazingly we were joint winners with... Microsoft!

TIGA 2013 award winner!

Boris The Gamelab team won "Best Educational Initiative" for uKinect/Boris in the TIGA Games Industry Awards.

We were also nominated in the "Best Tools and Technology" category.

Spooky events...

Spooky forest ... are afoot in the Enchanted Forest at Redbridge Library in Ilford this Autumn.

There's a storm brewing, bats are aloft, and what's that stirring in the woods?

Dare you visit?

Boris at SEN 2013

uKinect You could try out our Makaton signing game/s at the Special Educational Needs Show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London - 10-11th October 2013.

Waves Around Us

Waves Around Us Working with the artists Jens and Morten, I supplied software for a festival in Denmark, celebrating "Waves around us". The "interactive oscilloscope" was built to respond to sound and movement...

Here's a short video of proceedings...

Beacons festival 2013

Beacons Social Tent Projections Amorphous Orchestra were at the Beacons Festival 2013 mapping interactive projections on to the Social tent. The audience could play multiplayer arcade and console classics.

Or just watch the visuals unfold...

Guide Dogs Association: TAPS

The Nepalese Necklace July 2013: I've been hard at work on an interesting project... A collection of games based on "TAPS": physical gestures/exercises for visually impaired children, all aimed at improving orientation and mobility... Read more on the Reflex Arc site...

Playing with the Leap Motion

Leap Motion HTML5 A quick test with the new Leap Motion gestural device and HTML5 app integration - with a test panorama of Salts Mill (and a nice horizontal parallax effect thrown in for good measure)...

Just swipe left/right/up/down.

Media Museum Games Lounge

Media Museum installationAn interactive experience in the newly revamped games lounge at the National Media Museum. It explores various particle effects, deformations and tracking abilities of the Microsoft Kinect.

Enchanted Forest...

Amorphous Orchestra...with Amorphous Orchestra. Part of the amazing new children’s library at Redbridge Library..

An interactive “Enchanted Forest” with a waterfall, a population of mysterious creatures and magical effects. Here's a little teaser video

CSS 3D Twitter "Clouds"

CSS 3D experiment An experiment based on CSS 3D Clouds, pulling in data and rendering it using CSS 3D transformations.

HTML5 Training

HTML5I offer training in the following areas, relating to the Open Web Platform:

I run courses for NTI Leeds

Amorphous Orchestra

Amorphous OrchestraWebsite detailing collaborations with Dave Lynch and Paul Miller.

Original visual experiences working with cutting edge technology in the fields of human computer interaction and projection mapping

Finding your feet...

Software Developer's JournalAn article for Software Developer's Journal: ActionScript to JavaScript: Finding your feet

The article contains tips and tricks to help Flash ActionScript developers adapt their knowledge to the JS-centric world of HTML5...

Gesture communication - uKinect

A Gamelab project funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and managed by JISC TechDis.

Phase 2 is underway... See the Gamelab site for more information.

Flash iOS Cookbook...

Amorphous OrchestraTechnical reviewer for this excellent book by Christopher Caleb.

"Build your own apps, port existing projects, and learn the best practices for targeting iOS devices using Flash Professional"

Unity3D Interactive Audio...

Unity 3D I was honoured to have twice been invited to Hong Kong in 2012 to teach Unity 3D modules. This was for Leeds Metropolitan University.

The teaching focused on interactive audio and audio game techniques.

Kala Sangam - Flux

Kala Sangam - FLUX

A new installation at the Kala Sangam arts centre in Bradford.

Interact with a digital flow of ribbons via gesture and sound....

A playful disposition between flow and form, exploring the subtleties and joy of movement.

Boom, shake the room!

National Media Museum - Boom, Shake the Room

This was a family activity at the National Media Museum in April 2012.

Families created their own audio track and then interacted with it in a digital, sound reactive, 3D experience. Here are some videos recorded on the day.

Duke of York connects with uKinect

Prince Andrew watches on as Jonathan Hassell demonstrates the systemThe uKinect software has been stirring Royal interest... Here it is being demonstrated to Prince Andrew at the Gamelab office.

We're now starting work on Phase 2 using the latest Microsoft Kinect SDK. See the Gamelab site for info.

Kinect Fun Labs Election

"Which of these six ingenious ideas would you most like to see become a Kinect Fun Labs Gadget?"

My music visualiser "hack" featured at the E3 games conference. It was runner up in the Microsoft Xbox Fun Labs election..

uScreen storyboard tool

AMI award winner 2011

uScreen's tools are a great way for young, aspiring film makers to start and enjoy the film making process.

See your script come to life by using this easy to use storyboard app, then save the results as a PDF.

uScreen collaborative cutting room

The collaborative cutting room is another uScreen tool

Aspiring film makers can put their creations together in the Cutting Room, and allow other uScreen members to join them in the process.  "A brilliant site for young film makers" tweeted a certain @stephenfry

uScreen player / accessibility editor

The uScreen media player features community led accessibility features.

Film makers can record their own audio and BSL sign captions, add subtitles and even add visual captions. Watch a demo here...

Kinect experiments

"Very awesome music visuals that would be the perfect backdrop for a live gig or in a club setting" - the experiment was featured by The Creators Project.

Check out the interactive music visualiser. Also: more Kinect visuals & Chewy Visuals

BISCT: Blind cricket simulator

An immersive, virtual practise and training environment for people who are blind or have visual impairments using 3D virtual sound with Wii technology. The simulator has been built using the same "binaural" sound engine as an earlier project - "Sos and the Big Maths Adventure". This is a desktop application.

Click Postcard

Send a real postcard using your own holiday snaps with Click Postcard's simple application.

Create, share and send perfect, personalised postcards!

BAFTA nomination!

BAFTA logoNovember 2009. My colleagues and I at Gamelab were nominated for an award by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in the Children's Awards category.

The nomination was for Mencap Plannet, an easy-to-use online tool that engages families to plan their future together.

BAFTA nod for Performing Hands!

Signing avatarsNovember 2008

This BAFTA nominated project consisted of a series of 3D games, videos and learning activities.

Dynamic, signing 3D characters are used to help sign-bilingual deaf children with their BSL and English literacy.

NDCS Family Sign Language Tools

Signing dictionaryMarch 2010

Video dictionary and sign game built for NDCS.

The Family Sign Language website is a fun and interactive website for families of deaf children aged 0-5 who want to learn basic British Sign Language (BSL).


Salts Mill website

Salts MillThe Salts Mill website, was a collaboration with Jonathan Wilkinson. The brief: to capture the romance of the mill through an interactive experience.

It features the David Hockney gallery and a panoramic "tour" through the mill.

David Hockney Studio intranet

Webcam Experiments Image/video archiving intranet tools for David Hockney studios (Bridlington).

This is an image archiving solution that synchronises with a custom built iPad / iPhone app.

Flash tabbing / focus solution

An accessible solution to cross browser tabbing and keyboard focus issues with Flash.

Source available, or see the solution in action. Uses a combination of AS3 and JS.

The Home

Riad Farnatchi Classic furniture, kitchenware and designer gifts from The Home at Salts Mill.

The place to find the beautiful, the useful and the unusual.


Bradford FSi

Bradford FSi

Bradford FSI (Financial Services Initiative)aims to encourage the growth of financial service businesses in the city.

Custom content management system and website.


Shackletons website

ShackletonsShackletons have over 50 years' experience of supplying comfortable,long lasting craftsman-made furniture for nursing homes.

Custom content management system and website.


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PureMVC / Papervision


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